Code of Conduct

Ottawa Contra Dance Code of Conduct

Ottawa Contra Dance is a welcoming community to all people. Our code of conduct is intended to create a culture of safety, respect, and consent for all who attend our events – dancers, the band, the caller, and guests. Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Respect everyone’s physical boundaries. Do not engage in inappropriate or unwanted physical contact. Be sensitive to other people’s personal space, including dance floor space and physical proximity. Be conscious not to hold your dance partner too close.
  • Keep your partner safe. Don’t engage in rough dancing, use too much strength, force turns or swing too fast.
  • Seek consent. Before dipping or lifting your partner ensure you have their consent and have consideration of other dancers around you.
  • Apologize for accidental touching. Inappropriate touching or harassment of any sort is not tolerated. If accidental inappropriate touching does occur please apologize.
  • Respect human rights. Anyone and everyone who would like to attend our dances is welcome. Be accepting of the diversity of people, ages, values and lifestyles that come with our vibrant dance community. Respect dancer’s wishes to dance with any gender they choose.
  • Be welcoming. Do your best to dance with, and be kind and welcoming, to everyone.
  • Graciously accept when someone says ‘no’ to a dance. If you ask someone to dance and they say no, graciously accept their decision and move on. You can say ‘no’ to a dance too.
  • Be considerate and respectful to the dance organizers, volunteers, band and callers. The success of our events is due to the efforts of many. We all rely on them to make our dances fun and successful. Please respect, support and cooperate with them.
Concerns or Questions

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable or have any behaviour concerns, please feel free to address the individual during or after the dance. If you prefer not to address the situation yourself, want help, or your concerns are more serious (e.g. verbal or physical misconduct, harassment…) then please speak directly with the Floor Manager or any dance committee member, who will be wearing pink buttons. You can also reach our dance committee via Catherine at

The dance committee reserves the right to refuse admittance, or ask an individual to leave, if we feel that there is a need to do so.

Thank you for respecting this Code of Conduct and doing your part to maintain our joyful, safe, and respectful community.