Ottawa Contra Dance

Contact & Feedback

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The mailing list is a great way to find out about our events as well as other contra events in eastern Ontario/western Quebec.

Plus, you will not be inundated as there is approximately one email every week and the list is moderated. All contact information is kept confidential.

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Want to give feedback?

Did you enjoy the dance? Could we have done something better? Please provide details so we can take action on your suggestions. You can use the online feedback form or feel free to corner one of the committee members at a dance!

The dance organizing committee and who to contact

The following group organizes the dances.

  • Emily Addison - president + band & caller bookings
  • Catherine Burns - treasurer + general committee contact
  • Neville Miller - member at large
  • Stephen Gabe - secretary + website
  • Cheryl Arratoon - meeting chair + volunteer coordinator
  • Peter Simonyi - youth rep
  • Esther Fraser - member at large
  • Leo Evans - outreach
  • Jane Stallabrass - member at large

Photos of the committee members are on our About Us page.

Wondering who to contact?