Ottawa Contra Dance

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Below is a wide range of links including lots of videos, facebook pages, etc!

Ottawa Contra in the news...

Check out the wonderful article written by one of our dancers, Jennifer Keyte, in OSCAR here (pg 40).

Also, the Kitchissippi Times has a neat article about Ottawa Contra in the January 14th issue. You can read it here or look at a picture on the front page here.

Fun YouTube contra and waltz clips

We have our own Ottawa Contra YOUTUBE channel right here that has lots of links to videos taken at our dances!

Wickedly good online contra video clips: There are some hot examples of contra dancing online. Check these out... examples of what's possible when you get great music, calling, and dancers.

  • Leaf 2010 with Nightingale here
  • Spring Breakdown 2009 with Nils Fredland & Great Bear Trio here
  • Contra Carnival 2010 with Notorius, Elixir and Nightingale here
  • Swallowtail dance weekend with Elixir here
  • Swallowtail and Elixir playing for Moneymusk here
  • Ooh La La! dance weekend with Crowfoot here and here
  • Dance Flurry with Big Bandemonium here
  • Brattleboro dawn dance with a version of Green Street here
  • Dance at Greenfield Grange MA with Tidal Wave here
  • Dance at Glen Echo Park with Nightingale here
  • Dance in Tacoma with Nightingale here
  • Dance in Nipimo CA with the Groovemongers here
  • Dance weekend in Glenside PA with Swallowtail here
  • Video describing a dance weekend in Washington state here

Waltz video clips: There are always a few waltzes at contra dances. Dance however you like! If you are looking for more moves, below are some great waltz videos compiled by one of our dancers.

  • Rotary waltz variations I - swing/contra type waltz moves here
  • Rotary waltz variations II here
  • Rotary waltz with a young couple practicing here
  • Cross-step waltz with Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas here
  • Cross-step variations I here
  • Cross-step variations II here

Lessons in Ottawa for calling or playing contra dance music:

We are lucky to have some super amazing contra dance talent in town. Below are some of those callers/musicians that can provide tips or lessons if you are interested.

  • Catherine Burns (calling - join our callers group's free!)
  • Greg Brown (fiddle, concertina, accordion, guitar, banjo, & bazouki): 819-503-2651
  • Ann Downey (stand-up/double bass)
  • James Stephens (fiddle & mandolin): 819-827-4761
  • Duncan Gillis (bagpipes, Irish flute, & whistles): 613-237-8027
  • Paul Hawtin (guitar accompaniment): 613-731-0457

Contra dances in Ontario and close by:

Interesting fact - Southern Vermont is as close to Ottawa as Toronto! However, these are mostly Ontario dances below.

Other contra dance websites:

Sites that list contra dances all over North America: Already traveling? Look up a dance for where you're headed... OR better yet, look up a dance and travel specifically for it.

Contra dance weekends and camps: Travel for a weekend or week to see some great places, dance to some amazing music/callers, and meet fabulous dancers. Below are only a few of the many contra special events within a driving distance from Ottawa.

And yet more...

Ottawa-area dance communities beyond contra:

Ottawa-area folk and traditional music links: