Ottawa Contra Dance

Buy a pass for the WHOLE dance season!

For $245 you can buy a season pass to all Ottawa Contra dances. Season pass holders gain entry to all Saturday evening dances AND Saturday afternoon dances AND Community dances and Zesty English dances added before some Saturday evenings AND Family dances AND Tuesday night community dances. This does NOT include the Hey Fever! dance weekend.

The $245 season pass includes a $35 membership and HST. You can also buy a sustaining level season pass for $265, which includes a $55 sustaining level membership and HST. More information on Ottawa Contra dance membership can be found at our Become a Member page.

What are the benefits of buying a season pass? Well, there are a few:

  • In the 2018/2019 season there are 19 Saturday night dances, 5 afternoon dances and 7 Tuesday night community dances. Attending all 31 events, as a member, would cost over $300. You save over $60 by buying a pass. You can even afford to miss a few dances and still come out ahead!
  • Having a pass is also very convenient. You will no longer need to stop at the bank on your way to the dance! That's worth a few bucks alone!
  • You are supporting your dance community by committing financially to the year. Even if you don't attend all the dances, the season pass is a way that you can provide your support.

How do I get a season pass?

There are three options:

  1. You can buy it here online (see below). Online passes cost $5 more to cover credit card fees.
  2. You can buy one at a dance by paying with cash or cheque (cheque preferred).
  3. You can print the Membership/Season Pass Form and send it to the address on the form, along with your cheque for $245 ($265 sustaining level). Please allow a few days lead time before the next dance, when mailing in your registration, or just bring your form and cheque with you. :-)

No matter which option you use, passes will be held for you to pick up at a dance.

Note that season passes are NOT transferable. Please sign your pass when you pick it up at the dance.

Buying a season pass online

Although this option is $5 more than buying a pass at a dance, it does offer the option of paying by credit card.

Select the season pass type, fill in your name (first & last) and email address and click Add to Cart. If you are buying a pass for more than one person then select Continue Shopping in the Pay Pal window and repeat the process to add more pass holders. Once completed, click View Cart and then check out in the Pay Pal window.

If buying on the day of a dance, please do so before 4 PM if you wish to pick up at the dance that evening.

You will be asked to fill in a membership form when you pick up your pass.

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