Covid Measures

Social dancing always involves some risk and may not be suitable for everyone.  We are attempting to provide a safe and socially comfortable environment for many with the resources reasonably available to us, even though this may not be enough protection for all members of our community to join at this time.

Masks are required

We require that dancers wear a suitable well-fitting mask except briefly while actively drinking.  For example, scarves and bandanas are not acceptable, and neither are masks that slip off the nose.

Dancers who need a break from wearing a mask must do so outside.

Anyone may be asked to leave if they refuse or fail to wear a mask properly.

Exceptions: The band and caller when on stage and the City of Ottawa facility staff are not required to wear masks.

Stay home if you are sick

Please stay home if you feel unwell for any reason, or if you have tested positive for covid or are a close contact of someone with covid, are required to isolate, or there is any other reason you should not be at the dance.


We recognize the value of covid vaccination in preventing serious illness and hospitalization for individuals. We strongly recommends that people attending our dances obtain all vaccinations for which they are eligible. However, proof of vaccination is not currently required to attend the dance.

Contact tracing

We encourage dancers to contact us at if they test positive for covid within a week after the dance so that we can make this information available for those who attended.  The notification will be anonymous; we will not pass on individual personal information.  We will also post a message on this page.

  • After the 15 October 2022 dance: two dancers reported testing positive (one on Monday, and one on Wednesday with symptoms having appeared Tuesday).


Anyone who paid admission in advance by e-transfer but is unable to attend the dance may have their ticket credited to a future dance, or request a refund. If a refund is requested, it will be provided minus the e-transfer fee our bank charges us.