Schedule & Tickets

Contra Dances 2022

  • Saturday September 17 – Greg Brown and friends
  • Saturday October 1 – Dan Schryer and friends
  • Saturday October 15- Greg Brown, Richard Forest, Ian Clark
  • Saturday November 5 – Magia Vestis (James Stephens, Kate Weekes, Peter Andreé

Our contra dances will be held on 1st and 3rd Saturday evenings, beginning on September 17th, through June 2023. Tickets will be available at the door.

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Peter Simonyi calling and the Odds and Sods Band playing on June 4, 2022
June 4,2022 Contra Dance

Larks and Robins We dance using the role terms “Larks and Robins.” The “lark” is the same role as “gent,” and the “robin” is the same role as “lady.” Larks are on the LEFT to begin the dance and end the swing. Robins do the same on the RIGHT. To help remember these terms, notice that “lark” and “left” both start with the letter “L,” whereas “robin” and “right” both start with the letter “R.” If you would like more information about these terms, take a look at this summary from the San Francisco dance community.

What to BringContra dancing is energetic!
Lightweight, casual clothing
A water bottle
Indoor shoes with non-marking soft soles (to protect our wooden floor).

Conduct and Etiquette
We expect all attendees to our events to follow our code of conduct and to practice good dance etiquette. Please do your part to create a culture of safety, respect, and consent.
Concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact a Board member.