Stolen Goods

Stolen Goods is a super fun contra dance band located in Ottawa. We began in 2012 as a community band open to anyone regardless of experience level. However, most folks who showed up in the early days wanted to practice on a weekly basis and so we evolved into a band with defined members. Our current band members are Mark Rogers, Tim Cutts, Judy Kavanagh, Mary Gick, Mitzi Hauser, Emily Addison, Milan Skubnik, and Kate Bailey. We still consider ourselves a community band as most of us aren’t pros and we offer the opportunity for other musicians to sit in with us (email Emily at However, there is now a fully-open contra dance band in Ottawa called the All Comers Band. Most of us also play in that band.

Our goals as a band

  1. Fun + community oriented!
  2. Be a place where local musicians can play (and learn to play) for contra dances.
  3. Play tunes that are wickedly awesome for dancing, focusing on a diverse and uniquely contra-oriented repertoire (e.g., looking to other dance bands and scenes across North America for neat music to try).
  4. Play so that dancers really enjoy the band’s music (e.g., look for new tricks/grooves/approaches to excite dancers; play as a tight group as much as possible for a community band; play at the right tempo… both basic and more advanced stuff!).

Band photos & videos

To watch videos of our band, check out Judy Kavanagh’s YouTube channel.